When you set foot on Ky Co island, there will be a white sand beach stretching under the towering rocky mountains. The rocks with many different shapes and sizes stretch endlessly, the craggy cliffs stretch straight to the sea creating a scene that is both majestic and poetic. Coming to KỲ CO Tourist Area, you will be admired. You can enjoy the charming natural scenery, watch the sunrise on the sea in the morning, and welcome the sunset down the mountain in the afternoon, and a special thing that only this place possesses is the wonderful, peaceful, fresh air. which is nowhere to be found. Come to Bai Ky Co Quy Nhon here will definitely give you an interesting feeling with natural beauty. This place is really a great choice to experience nature with the whole family – a place like the Maldives of Vietnam. Quy Nhon has a mild climate, so you can come here at any time of the year, but for the most convenience, you should go from February to August. At this time, the weather is cool, less Rain is easier for traveling and sightseeing.

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