Diep Son Island You will be free to walk on that path and watch the clear blue water or the schools of fish swimming without any protective gear. Diep Son Island belongs to Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa, about 60km from Nha Trang city. It consists of 3 small islands: Hon Bip, Hon Giua, Hon Duoc. The most prominent feature of Diep Son is the nearly 1km long sandy road in the middle of the sea, connecting the islands. Visitors can easily walk from one island to another and take advantage of more vivid photos in the midst of the immense blue sea. When it comes to Diep Son, many people immediately think of the unique underwater walking path. At high tide, the road disappears leaving only the immense sea, but when the water recedes, the trail connecting the three islands reappears. This place seems to still retain the wild character because tourism has not been exploited much, mainly in the spontaneous form of the people. That is the reason that you will feel the very fresh and cool atmosphere. Life on the island is also very simple and idyllic. To make the fun plan more convenient, visitors should travel to Diep Son Island in Nha Trang from December to June because this is the most ideal time with dry, warm weather and little rain. The calm sea makes it faster and more comfortable for ships to move to the island, helping to limit the risk of people getting seasick. However, for those who do not like the crowd and noise, you can still do a tour of Diep Son Nha Trang island at a time of few people to enjoy the peaceful, quiet and unique atmosphere.

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